Olympic Torch Bearer David Burgess

Olympic fanatic David carrying the torch for Woodborough

(courtesy of the Nottingham Evening Post)

Woodborough’s David Burgess is an Olympic fanatic and insists he is going to watch every second on TV – that is after getting a live taste while running in the Olympic Torch Relay.

The 69-year-old has been a pillar of his community in the small village of Woodborough and has been selected as one of just 8,000 people to carry the London 2012 Torch courtesy of Lloyds TSB as they scoured the country.

David is a well known figure in Woodborough having taught PE for 20 years and taking a central role in organising the village’s ‘Feast Day’ with its own miniature Olympics sports day.

 “I’m genuinely really pleased and very excited. I was over the moon when I found out as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have always loved the Olympic Games so I couldn’t be looking forward to it more,” he said.

 “It was a real surprise and I didn’t think I would ever get selected. I wasn’t holding much hope so it was a lovely surprise.

“It is really brilliant event and I can’t wait for it, I think I will watch every bit I can on the TV.

“I’m not nervous about running with the torch at all, it is just pure excitement.”

“There are a tremendous amount of societies in the village considering the size of it and so many people who want to do things for their community and they encourage others and it is a bit of a snowball effect.

 “I think the Olympics are going to be fantastic, the excitement will only get more and more as the as the days get nearer the event.”