Best Kept Village – The Victors 2012

Full  Photo Gallery of The Way We Won It

It is all about pride – pride in our village and the people who live here. For the past decade, the villagers have worked together to keep the private and shared spaces in Woodborough in top condition.

Laura accepts BKV award

Chairman Laura Wardle accepts BKV Fenwick award

Not too showy but clean and well-maintained as an English village should be. 

Ready for the inspectors from the Best Kept Village competition when they arrived sometime in June to have a saunter around and a nosey here and there in the village.

 And we’ve done alright over the years – haven’t we? Multiple winners of our mid-size village division (population 800- 2,000) over the years and proud to display our Campaign for Rural England plaque declaring us champions in the Year 2000.

It took a team effort this year (2012) from residents across the village from Lingwood Lane to Shelt Hill and even to the outskirts on Lowdham Lane to make the village look its best – despite the floods this summer.

And then there is the band of unsung Ninjas who have been taking to the streets and lanes for the past few years, cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing and painting along the public areas.

Painting the village shop

The Ninja Team hard at work!

We even repainted the Woodborough Village Shop and Post Office this summer – and we have the photographs to prove it.

Most of our Ninjas are from the Woodborough Community Association – you know who you are – but there are plenty of helpers from Woodborough in Bloom and other groups in the village too.

 We all worked hard to keep the village looking its best – the parish council helped with financial and moral support. The church is a wonderful focal point for our village and looks a treat. The other churches keep their properties in order as well. And the Four Bells  and Nag’s Head organised lovely hanging baskets to show off their impressive frontages!

Woodborough Woods School and private businesses such as Timmerman’s and TSW have also done their part to make the village a winner.

We have hung our banners from the Governor’s Field hailing our progress with pride – and posted signs at the entrances to the village to let people know we were aiming for top honours.

And finally here we are: Pleased to be the winners of the Fenwick Award as three-time winners  of the divisional title.

Here is a quick look at the past: (A quote from 2008) “We did our village proud with excellent results for our public green spaces such as the church grounds and Governor’s Field as well as individual gardens and properties. You only have to take a quiet walk around our village to see how much effort is put into keeping properties beautiful.  A Best Kept Village plaque will be erected soon in a prominent position and we will let you know the details soon so everyone can attend the official ceremony!”

And of course there is the small matter of a £1,000 prize awarded to Woodborough Parish Council as a result of our win.

We can’t enter the competition for two years as we have won our division three times in a row, but that won’t stop us from keeping our village just as beautiful as ever.

The Story So Far

  • Winner of Overall County Title – 2000 and 2012
  • Winner of the Division Title: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2005, 2000 (And perhaps a few other years too – we’ve lost count!)
  • East Midlands in Bloom Silver Medal: 2005

Well done Woodborough! Champions of Nottinghamshire in 2012.