About us

A Ninja helping spruce up the village

The Woodborough Community Associaton  is a completely volunteer-run group that works to bring a wide range of activities to the village. We have organised a 20-is-Plenty campaign to slow motorists down and keep our village safe. Along with the parish council we have supported training for volunteers to use hand-held speed guns … and although there are still some who break the speed limit … we’ve seen progress. We are also involved in the annual Best Kept Village Campaign and the Battles Over commemoration of the end of World War One.

FENCE: We also have been involved in action to save the village green next to the school for village use. The school decided to build the fence around the school – and the green space next to it. We worked diligently on a proposal to allow the community the right to enter part of the green space that was fenced in – and we were successful.

OVER 60s: So as you can see, we try to identify village issues as well as community events. You will see on some of our other webpages just how active we are! We have organised over-60s social events, bingo and some tours to other parts of England, including York and Stratford and Hunstanton.