Best Kept Village: We’ve won!

Working to keep the village sparkling

Working to keep the village sparkling

FANTASTIC NEWS: It’s official. We have once again won our sector of the Best Kept Village competition for Nottinghamshire.

Well done to everyone for keeping the village looking lovely despite the rain and poor weather.

That means we are in the finals again – and can walk off with the Best in County award for 2012 if we keep on with the good work.

The other local villages which won their own categories (based on size) were Granby, Radcliffe on Trent and Orston, and we will will be competing against them for “Best in Nottinghamshire”.

Here is the view of Vice Chairman and BKV guru Linda Taylor:

Hi, great news everyone – we’ve won the Best Kept Village for our category!!!!!!

Well done to all,  whether you spread the word, encouraged others or were able to graft yourselves – we were looking lovely.

Of course  – this means that we now need to keep on working – after lots of rain (which all villages had to cope with too , of course,) and then the floods we have a prolific crop of weeds and dust / mud covered areas to deal with.

Let’s win the big one!


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